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Stand de légumes sur un marché

Our producers / suppliers

For the sake of transparency, collaboration and valuing everyone's work, we have decided to highlight here the people who allow us to offer you quality products. In search of a constant improvement of our approach, we make sure to select as much as possible local producers, concerned about the ecological impact of their work.  

Do not hesitate to visit them ! 


Located in Saint-Laurent-En-Royans, "La Machine" is an artisanal and cooperative brewery founded by Sylvain Billet and Rami Dahdah . Their project? Produce only quality organic beers in barrels and make them accessible to high-traffic areas. They thus create 4 beers:

  • ROY - India Pale Ale - IPA - 5.5 °

  • MOCORII - Pale Ale - Blonde - 4,5 °

  • TAAJ - Wheat Ale - White - 5.2 °

  • SEGGA - Red Ale - Amber - 5 °

  • ROY - India Pale Ale - IPA - 5,5°

  • MOCORII - Pale Ale - Blonde - 4,5°

  • TAAJ - Wheat Ale - Blanche - 5,2°

  • SEGGA - Red Ale - Ambrée - 5°


Created in 1987, Maison Rambert was born from the desire to perpetuate a grandmother's recipe. The two brothers Patrice and Gilles Rambert met on this artisanal ravioli production project. Maison Rambert thus offers 4 quality products:

• Traditional ravioli
• Ravioli with Bleu de Sassenage
• Goat cheese ravioli
• La Marcelline


Maison Rambert has opened a discovery stopover consisting of a presentation and tasting area as well as a cinema room where you can watch a 26-minute film on ravioli-making entitled: "La Raviole, Noblesse et tradition"


With the milk and cream of their 35 dairy cows, Florence and Eric handcraft their ice creams, yogurts and dessert creams according to their own recipe.


You can thus find:


  • Ice creams: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Coffee, Lavender,  Chartreuse and for the end of year celebrations, the famous Christmas logs.  


  • Yogurts: Plain yoghurt, Sugar yoghurt, Fruit yoghurt,  


  • Dessert creams: Vanilla, chocolate, coffee and caramel cream.


  • Rice pudding and crème brûlée milk semolina. 


Maison Duvernay is now over 100 years old and is part of the independent wine cellar network. That is to say in particular that it undertakes to choose its products itself, knows them and knows its producers. They do not entrust their selections to an external purchasing office and undertakes never to sell to purchasing centers or supermarkets.


Based on sourdough and flour without pesticides or from sustainable cultivation, the Fournil du Vercors bakes its breads with passion. Their pastries and pastries are handcrafted on site and you can even find typical products from the region such as pogne de la Drôme or Saint Genix and various walnut tarts.

Etienne Casset et Carla Palomino Rocco ont cette année concrétisé officiellement leur projet de maraichage bio dans leur ferme des Sisampas à Rencurel. Avec une production de 28 tonnes de légumes bio attendue chaque année, ils sont présent sur le marché de Rencurel et proposent  une vente à la ferme ainsi que la possibilité de point de livraison de paniers hebdomadaires.


Fondée à Chambéry en 1880, Cafés Folliet s'est spécialisé dans la torréfaction et la vente de café. Retrouvez  et savourez leur gamme bio à l'Auberge-Refuge Roybon !

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