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"A meaningful stay in the Vercors spirit"

Who are we ?


Stephane Cronier



Jean Martin



Cyndie Tirard-Collet

Apprentice Head of Social and Solidarity Economy Company

About Us

A little history


The cistern and the shepherd's hut (1860):

In the 1860s, the municipality of Saint-Martin-En-Vercors decided to build a 150 m3 cistern in Roybon in order to capture a source too weak to water the herds of cattle that it put in the pastures in this then sparsely wooded place. . At the time, the owners bought young oxen in the spring that they trained at work and sold them at the autumn fairs. At the same time, a hut was built for the communal shepherd who kept around 70 animals all summer long, including a few horses and mules, in the clearings and under trees big enough not to be damaged by the cattle.

The barracks, damaged in 1944 and then restored, still existed in 1981. Its ruins can still be seen behind the current building, next to the cistern which still supplies the inn.


The forest hut (1955):

At the beginning of the 20th century, the forest closed up, grazing is no longer possible. Logging is growing. The old shepherd's hut is too small to house the loggers and especially the oxen and horses who skid the wood and which cannot be brought down every evening. In 1955, the municipality of Saint-Martin-En-Vercors had a large building built with two stables, a hayloft, a room on the ground floor with a stove and a bedroom upstairs. But soon the work animals are replaced by tractors, and the loggers have cars. The hut is no longer used as a refuge for hikers and as a material shelter for ONF staff. It was also used on the day of the Crossing of the Vercors to house the supply of runners.

The Inn (1994):

The construction of the inn is linked to the creation of the Herbouilly cross-country ski resort in 1990, and to the need to offer a night reception. A first project, in the plain of Herbouilly, too expensive, had to be abandoned. The Syndicat intercommunal then decided to rehabilitate the forest hut, but the architects declared its structure too restrictive, and it was downright demolished in 1993 to build the inn instead. The hostel opened its doors in December 1994.

Our values 

"A meaningful stay in the Vercors spirit" - SlowTourism

Because more and more of you want to add meaning to your holidays and because it is important to us to offer you a quality stay, we do everything possible to share with you the wonders of the Vercors in line with the spirit and respect for the mountain .


That's why first of all, before you book, we want to talk to you by email or phone. This approach allows us to present the place and its problems to you (no telephone network, no internet access, water reserve, fixed time for meals, arrangement of rooms, etc.) as well as to take into account your special requests (diet, need for a picnic, etc.). Once your reservation is made, we will put everything in place to welcome you in the best conditions and are always available by phone or email. 

To accompany you during your stay, we have developed a directory of activities that you will find near the Auberge-Refuge. You can read it here . We have also selected a few hikes to do in the surrounding area and are currently working on creating maps on reusable media that we will make available to you for a day.

From our convivial space to our information supports, we do everything we can to find shoes that suit your stay. Take the time to rest in a space dedicated to reading and in peace while enjoying an herbal tea, take a look at our suppliers and partners, prepare your day for the next day ... Welcome to the concept of " slow vacations "!

With the aim of quality and respect for the environment , we want to develop our local network as much as possible and are constantly looking for local suppliers registered in an eco-responsible approach. This is how we are able to offer you tasty and varied dishes with a low ecological impact .


Find here the list of our suppliers and below our sustainable tourism development projects.

Our projects

In conjunction with ADEME (Ecological Transition Agency), Auberge-Refuge Roybon has decided to respond to the " Sustainable Tourism Fund " grant offer.


This fund aims to:

  • reduce and control fixed costs (energy, water, waste, food waste);

  • anchor itself in the territories and the local value chain with quality products (short, high-quality local circuits, lasting synergies with local tourism players and local producers);

  • promote ecological commitment


Concretely, this first translates into a partnership with the municipality of Saint-Martin-En-Vercors on two points:

  • the installation of dry toilets accessible to people with reduced mobility

  • the provision of sorting bins

Secondly, we are working within the Auberge-Refuge on several projects:

  • the change of our toilet system to better save water (the refuge being in self-management, the problem is essential).

  • the construction of a bicycle / ski shelter for Auberge-Refuge customers with the possibility of recharging electric batteries. 

  • the rehabilitation of the solar panels on the roof of the Auberge-Refuge, which is currently out of service.

  • the search for partnership with local actors / producers to provide our customers with quality and local products (see our page " Our suppliers " )

Our partners

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