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In ' classic ' or ' premium ' formula?

In order to reduce costs while respecting nature and retaining the spirit of a 'mountain refuge', we offer two types of half-board: ' classic ' or ' premium ':


  • the 'classic ' half-board (room or dormitory) involves bringing your own sleeping bag / 'sheet sleeping bag', towel and toiletries (everything else is included: fitted sheet, pillowcase, pillow and warm blankets);

  • 'premium ' half-board (room or dormitory) includes linen (duvet / duvet cover, additional fitted sheet, pillowcase, pillow, towel: + € 15.00 / bed
    (cleaning fee)
      -  Option offered from 3 consecutive nights .

The dormitory

The dormitory is composed of 13 bunk or single beds, equipped with mattresses, fitted sheets, blankets and pillows. This space is also equipped with two tables, a power strip + USB charging, reading lights .....

The rooms

The four bedrooms have single or double beds, equipped with mattresses, blankets, fitted sheets and pillows.  They all have a power strip + USB charging.

The bathroom

The Roybon Refuge has 2 showers, 4 sinks and 2 separate toilets upstairs, exclusively for the use of our residents.

Water is not drinkable at the refuge. We have a supply of water transported by truck. Also, water management remains delicate and we ask our customers to pay close attention to this resource, in particular to take short showers.

Thank you


The question of water:


In the Vercors karst massif, rainwater, poorly filtered by the soil, quickly penetrates the subsoil. They then circulate in underground galleries to emerge at the level of the foothills. They are therefore difficult to store. ( See Vercors Regional Nature Park )

The Roybon hostel-refuge operates on non-potable water reserves (filtered only for food and showers). That is why we ask you to pay close attention to this resource. Remember not to let the water run (short showers) and to make your own reserves before coming. However, if you need them, plastic water bottles are still available for sale on site.

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