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Fancy a getaway in the heart of the Vercors massif ? The Roybon refuge welcomes you to the Nordic area of Herbouilly, 10 minutes from Saint-Martin-en-Vercors.

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Nous sommes heureux de vous retrouver pour la saison d'été 2023

Jusqu'au 18 juin l'auberge sera ouverte uniquement les week-ends.


Pour la partie hébergement, nous sommes ouverts, contactez nous par téléphone (0475455403), par mail ( ou via le formulaire contact.


  • L'eau est NON POTABLE et provient de la récupération des eaux de pluie et de la fonte des neiges. Nous fonctionnons sur un système de réserve. C'est pourquoi nous informons nos clients que nous ne sommes pas en mesure de remplir leurs gourdes avec l'eau du robinet "comme à la maison".

  • De l'eau en bouteille est en vente au bar.


Welcome to the Roybon Refuge 

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Roybon in the heart of the Vercors nature reserve!

The cozy refuge is nestled in the middle of the forest, very close to the beautiful clearing of Herbouilly.
Over the seasons, you will appreciate this warm and friendly stopover.
A good meal, a bit of a chat ... in this exceptional natural paradise.

Our refuge is the ideal place to discover the Vercors Regional Natural Park and the Vercors High Plateaux Nature Reserve. Mid point of the Grande Traversée du Vercors (GTV), the Roybon refuge welcomes horse riders, hikers, skiers, mountain bikers or simple nature lovers!

Located at an altitude of 1313 m, in the forest, 4 kilometers north of the largest nature reserve in France, the Roybon refuge is a tourist site in harmony with nature in the heart of the northern Haut Vercors.

What we offer you​



  • Evening meal **

  • Half board **

  • Picnic basket ***

  • Terrace and interior room

  • Food intolerance **










**   on reservation   /   *** for the attention of our half-boarders

Credit card from 15.00 €​​​


Dormitory and rooms

  • Large dorm

  • single rooms
    (double, single or bunk beds)

  • Showers / sinks / toilets

  • Premium option (possible rental of duvet, duvet cover & towel ...)












Pets not allowed in the rooms  

CB from 15 €


Activities in front of the Auberge

  • Hiking, snowshoeing or horseback riding (paddock space available)

  • Mountain biking

  • Alternative cross-country skiing or skating

  • Sledges

  • Equipment rental (skis, sledges, children's sleds, snowshoes, etc.)

  • The Oscar Knight Trail (for children)

  • Collect mushrooms and wild plants

  • Potholing

  • Mountain Climbing

  • Deer's slab

  • Water

At the Auberge-Refuge Roybon, tap water is not drinkable , we operate on a reserve system. That is why we inform our customers that we are not able to refill their water bottles.  

  • Heating

Here we heat ourselves with gas and you can enjoy a meal by our wood-burning fireplace.  

  • Spoken languages

We are able to communicate with you in French, English (not too fast) and Spanish (un poco) .

  • Network and wifi:  "Exclusive connection with nature only"

There is no telephone network at Auberge-Refuge. The only possibility is to walk 500 meters to Herbouilly station. Of course, our landline is at your disposal if needed.

We do not give access to our Internet network to our customers so as not to saturate our professional network.

Take the opportunity to pause your devices and recharge your batteries in this special place! 

Présentation de la station : Site nordique d'Herbouilly - Haut Vercors 

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